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English > Italian translations of patents and manuals

Studio PaoloRisso have many years of experience in the area of technical translations from English into Italian, with special expertise in patents and manuals.

The know-how that we make available to you is based on the large number of experts (including a research chemist and a biologist) who work with us, generating synergies designed to meet the demands of all the specific fields in which we are called upon to operate.

This combined specialisation of English > Italian translation and technical expertise enables us to offer you an excellent quality product at a very competitive price in accordance with the ClientsĄŻ deadlines.

Studio PaoloRisso
Via Peschiera 33 - 16122 Genova (Italy)
Telephone +39 010887896 - Email info@paolorisso.net
VAT Number IT03842970109

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All Rights Reserved
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Translation of Patents

The document is given to a translator who is specialized in the relevant area. The translator is given all the tools needed to work in optimum conditions ... >>

Translation of Manuals

Many manufacturers invest capital and human resources in the effort to make their products user-friendly. However, sometimes the accompanying product manuals translated into Italian are not user-friendly, and end up spoiling the makersĄŻ commitment... >>


Online English > Italian dictionary of chemistry, industrial chemistry and biotechnologies with 3000 entries. Updated weekly with new terms and acronyms... looking to buy a rolex replica watches >>